Traveler Series – First book out now!

Tiffany Carl is a good girl. She writes young adult fiction with a religious slant and still lives at home waiting for the perfect gentleman to sweep her off her feet. But being well known in the religious community keeps her from getting more than a gentle kiss to the cheek at the end of the night.

Sasha is a sex goddess on the prowl. She’s not afraid to go after what she wants and make sure that her needs are met by the end of the night. As she travels from city to city, she finds hook-ups wherever she can, loving them and leaving them before things get too complicated.

So while most the world knows her as Tiffany, Sasha sets out to enjoy herself before returning home to write.

This first book of the series follows Tiffany down south. She’s heard great things about the nightlife on Beale St. and she can’t wait to see what she can find!

Available on Amazon now!

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Coming Soon

“Derrick and Jason have been together for a few years now and all they want for Christmas is a little xxxmas fun with their best friend Lillian. Will Santa set her under their tree?”

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Out Now!

A short story by Velvet Kane!

“Sara has always had a thing for her boss and after five years, she’s tired of waiting around. What happens when she decides to take her boss by the balls and let him know exactly how she feels?”

Purchase on Amazon here!

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